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Child Dedications

The Bible tells us that “Children are a gift from the Lord” (Psalm 127:3).  We recognise how precious our little ones are.  We know that:

  • They are loved by God (Matthew 18:12-14)
  • He has made them in his image (Genesis 1:27)
  • He knew them before they were born and knit them together in their mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13)
  • He has a good and amazing plan for their lives (Jeremiah 29:11)

As a church family we want to support parents, grandparents and caregivers as they seek to raise their children to know and love Jesus.  We recognise the enormous influence that family has on a child and it is our desire to be able to support families as they navigate the challenging and yet, rewarding path of parenting.

What is a Child Dedication?

Our Child Dedications are an opportunity for parents to thank God for the wonderful blessing of their children.  They are also a time for parents to publicly declare their desire and prayer that their children will grow up in the knowledge and love of Jesus and their hope that their children will choose to accept him as their Lord and Saviour in the years ahead.  Parents are encouraged to commit to:

  • Praying with and for their children
  • Reading God’s word with their children
  • Providing an opportunity for their family to fellowship together with other believers
  • Placing God first in their own lives, and as such being an example to their children, teaching them of the love, grace and mercy of Jesus.

How important is family?

We believe that no one has more potential to impact a child’s relationship with God, than their parents.  On average, a parent has 3000 hours per year of time to influence the life of their child.  The average church only has about 40 hours of a child’s life each year.  It is for this reason that we want to partner with parents as they seek to teach their children the ways of the Lord.  We want to support you through prayer and practical resources to teach your children about God.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we do Child Dedication and not Infant Baptism?

In the bible (Matthew 19) we see Jesus holding children, praying for them, and asking us to welcome them.  We also read in the book of Samuel, of Hannah, a mother who prayed for and dedicated her son to the Lord.  Like the example set by Jesus and also by Hannah, in a child dedication, we express our thanks for our children and pray that God will bless and guide them and that they will come to know Him as their Lord and Saviour in the years ahead.

It is at this time, when a person accepts Jesus as their personal Saviour, that we would encourage them to be baptised.

How do I teach my children more about Jesus?

Bringing children along regularly to our Children’s and Youth Programs is a great way for them to learn more about Jesus.

As a family we would encourage you to pray with your children and to read the bible with them.  Spending time together as a family reading a Children’s Bible or devotion book can be a wonderful time of discussion, teaching and togetherness.  If you require assistance with choosing a suitable resource to use with your family then please speak to the Children’s Pastor.

Do I have to be a member of Morley Baptist to have my child dedicated there?

The short answer is No.  We would be honoured to pray with you for your children.  We would however encourage that you be attending a church or fellowship of believers regularly.  As the African Proverb states: “It takes a village to raise a child”.  Knowing that you have a church family praying for you as you parent is important.  It is also important that your children have an opportunity to meet together with other kids who are learning more about Jesus or who already know Him as their friend and Saviour.

How do I organise to have my child dedicated?

Each year we have two or three Child Dedication Services.  Please contact the Children’s Pastor if you would like to dedicate your child/children to God.

What will happen prior to the Dedication service?

The Children’s Pastor will meet with the family to answer any questions and explain the process for the service.  In celebrating your child’s dedication we would love to have a photo of the child, and a photo of you as a family to display on the screen during the Dedication.  Please email these to the church office at least 2 weeks prior to the service date.

What will happen on the day of the Dedication service?

We would encourage you to invite family and friends to attend the service.  Rows of chairs at the front of the auditorium can be reserved at your request.  During the service the Service Leader will indicate that a Child Dedication is to occur.  The parent/s, your child and siblings of the child to be dedicated will be invited onto the stage.  The Children’s Pastor will talk briefly about dedication and will pray for you and your children.

You will be provided with a framed certificate and a Children’s Bible to remember this special day.

For more information you can contact Alison Cross, to discuss this important step. You can do this either at Church on a Sunday (at the Information Desk) or phone us and leave a message (08) 9377 3413 or via email at: