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33 Hanwell Way
Bassendean, WA, 6054

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Our Mission Our Church

We believe in the Great Commission.
We believe in the Great Commandment
Our culture is to bring together the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, which is about looking after social services and evangelistic requirements. This is what we mean by being a Missional Church.
A Missional Church has the above values.
Our Missional Church has a three (3) year rhythm and flow cycle. Each year we focus on one of the stages, which impacts the life of our church.
Our Missional Church intentionally is reinstating the Christian Calendar Narrative.
The Church has embraced a Missional ethos and culture, which flows through the life of the church. We have a Ministry Council made up of Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic, Pastor, Teacher Leaders. These Leaders oversee Faith Communities. These Faith Communities are either internal ministries or external mosaic and partners. Some of these Leaders work alongside the Lead Pastor and are referred to as Pastors.
Our Internal Ministries
Our External Mosaics
Our External Mosaic Partners
Our Church has a Governance Council which operates in the form of a Board and the members are elected by the Church Membership at the AGM. These members are called Deacons and outlined is their roles and responsibilities. Which is in compliance with good governance.
Our Missional aspiration is for the church to be a cluster of Faith Communities, which creates a movement of God’s people ministering together to serve Him.