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Governance Council

Governance council

Morley Baptist Church Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated Church under the leadership and oversight of the Governance Council (Board). The Board of Morley Baptist Church is made up of Members of the church (who are called Deacons) and the Lead Pastor. They provide and ensure that there is a clear organisational direction. Which is outlined in the Strategic Thinking document and is incorporated into the 'Our Mission, Our Church' vision. 

The Board Members are:

Jeff Cross (Chairman)

Andrew Dunjey (Treasurer)

Jonathan Myers (Secretary)

Kylie Hood

Phil Hood

Llew Broun


Board Members receive no income.

The organisation is audited each year and these audited financial statements of the organisation are available to Members of Morley Baptist Church at the Annual General Meeting. 

Mr Jeff Cross 


Mr Andrew Dunjey


Mr Jonathan Myers


Mrs Kylie Hood

Mr Phil Hood

 Mr Llew Broun