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Ben and Sam

Guennadi Moukine

Ben and Samantha, with their daughters and another child due in May, live and work in Lichinga, Niassa Province, Mozambique with the Yawo tribe. Currently Ben and Sam focus most of their attention on learning the two local languages needed for life and ministry in this region; Ciyawo and Portuguese, and understanding the cultural world view held by the people of this Tribe. Time is also spent sharing with Yawo people who do not yet have a knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ. Ben and Sam look forward to seeing Yawo people come to faith and becoming part of a new Yawo faith community.


Dave and Caz

Guennadi Moukine

Dave and Caz and their sons have been serving in S.E. Asia since 2000, ministering to three least reached people groups. Dave serves as country Team Leader for their organisation, and also oversees the Education Foundation that the team has established. Caz is the Coordinator of Language Learning programs for the Education Foundation.  Their greatest desire is to see people come into a relationship with Jesus.  Through the Education Foundation they are Empowering Communities and Embedding the Kingdom among these unreached peoples.

Fred and Desi

Guennadi Moukine

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) has many expressions throughout the world. We support 2 families who volunteer with YWAM in Australia. Fred & Desiree are based in Perth — and are involved in training, administration and building relationships within local communities. Some of their current work is in a community garden and an aged care facility with a hope to nurture people into a relationship with Jesus. Fred & Desi have three children.

Kim van Keule

Guennadi Moukine

The Rally season is done and dusted for another year, the 2015 State and Club Championship has been run and won.  A great season, yes, but not without its challenges and fair share of ups and downs.  The year started really well but hit a huge tragedy not long into the season.  We had a fatality at the second event for the year, a young six year old boy was killed and his siblings injured when one of the cars left the road and went into the spectator area.  Ministry for me was very busy from that day on and is still continuing up to today.  There was parents and family to care for,  the driver and co-driver of the car and the wider Rally community including officials, spectators and associates of the sport.  This is where the real ministry of a Sports Chaplain makes a significant difference in people’s lives.  It’s truly been an honour and a privilege to share God’s Love with this mission field of people needing Christ.  The opportunities to be able to speak into people’s lives through this difficult time have been amazing and worth the time spent.  Please continue to pray for the many who have been affected by this tragic event especially the parents, siblings and extended family.

The rest of the season finished well with no other major incidences apart from some very wounded cars;  all competitors finished the year safely and eagerly looking forward to next year.  Even though the season has reached an end, there's still much ministry going on, with several weddings in the past couple of months and another few coming up in the next few months.  Being the Senior Chaplaincy Trainer for Sports Chaplaincy Australia, earlier this month, we trained another group of Sports Chaplains to head out into sporting communities around Western Australia.  Now with the foundations in Sports Chaplaincy, they can minister to more sports men, women and children in the various sports they serve.  Please pray for our current Chaplains as they serve in many sports environments and for the raising up of new ones to be trained ready to serve the greater sporting community.