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Judy Hood

Judy hood


Judy Hood wants to live in a world where everyone she meets wants to hear about Jesus and the right words just flow out of her mouth with ease.

As the senior Coordinator for Operations she helps facilitate a variety of different activities from Events, Welcoming/Ushering, morning tea and catering.

When she is not helping at the church which is something that she loves to do, you may find her either at home with her lovely husband Phil trying to keep their very large garden under control.

Or she could be babysitting one of their 5 grandchildren from their 3 children or she maybe just veging out watching TV and eating chocolates.

Sometimes on a semi regular basis she ventures out to work at the Drs Surgery where she has worked for over 20yrs as a Registered Nurse and also for the city of Bayswater as an Immunisation Nurse.

She loves Jesus, her family, friends and dogs. Also organizing and having parties, reading novels and telling and hearing (great) jokes.


 Churchlands high school (Leaving certificate 1975)

Trained at Western Australian School of Nursing with affiliation to Royal Perth Hospital 1976

Registered Nurse since 1979

Qualified as a mother 3 times 1982, 1986, 1990

Re registration of nursing(Curtin University 1996)

Certificate of Immunisation(Edith Cowan University 2006 Community Health Nurse)

Practise Nurse 1995 to 2016

 Community Health Nurse 2016..

Worked with children and youth ministry on Friday nights  (Morley Baptist Church 1991- 2003)

Youth Bible study on Sundays(Morley Baptist 2003--)