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33 Hanwell Way
Bassendean, WA, 6054

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After|Shock is a new youth ministry at Morley Baptist Church for Years 7-12. 

The name After|Shock comes from the book of Acts where two guys are facing heat because they were healing, serving and preaching in the name of Jesus (a bit like our world today). In the midst of their trouble, they prayed for people to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to serve others and to speak the Word of God boldly despite the consequences. While praying, the room shook with the power of the Holy Spirit and lives were renewed and transformed. 

We want the same for our Youth here at Morley. We want them to be challenged. We want them to serve others. Most importantly, we want them to stand firm in what they believe, even when it's not popular.

After|Shock meets on Friday nights from 7.30-9.30pm. It is an opportunity to hang with mates, engage in activities, enjoy some food and come away inspired and challenged. 

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